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Benelli Armi S.p.A. was formed in 1967, based on an idea from the Benelli brothers in 1940, who were convinced that the future of hunting shotguns lay with semi-automatic models. This idea became reality when designer, Bruno Civolani, invented a revolutionary action. Civolani’s design led to the creation of a hunting shotgun that used a simple inertia driven mechanism in place of a conventional gas operated system. With the bolt providing all the movement needed, this design provided the fastest reloading action the world had ever seen.

Benelli is a constantly growing company. Over the years, innovative new products and advanced technology have consolidated Benelli’s prestige and spread its reputation among hunters and target shooters alike, aided by the company’s strategy of offering a range of semi-automatic shotguns that is recognized as the widest available today. Benelli was acquired by Beretta in 1983.

The firearms that Benelli manufactures offer superb ballistic performance and excellent functionality. Benelli has invested heavily in research, design and testing, and production takes place in a high-tech factory equipped with new generation plant and machinery under the supervision of the latest ERP and quality control software. Prototypes are tested according to the strictest international standards.

The continuous development of new technologies has enabled Benelli to introduce a series of products that are seen today as milestones in shotgun design. In 2002, Benelli entered the rifle market. With the introduction of a revolutionary new gas driven rifle action, Benelli pushed forward the frontiers of ballistic performance, and confirmed its reputation as a dynamic company full of ideas and resourcefulness.

Over the last 40 years, Benelli has grown dramatically and achieved ever more ambitious objectives. Buying a Benelli shotgun means that you recognize and appreciate the passion and care that underlies its unique technology. Elegant lines, quality finish, prestigious materials, warm wood essences and beautiful veining are all typical Benelli characteristics. Benelli semi-automatics are the forerunners of a whole new generation of shotguns and have the ability to fascinate, excite and inspire.

One of the latest additions to the Benelli family, the Vinci is a totally original and innovative shotgun and a whole new concept in the world of semi-automatics. The Vinci delivers amazing performance and characteristics, but stands out even more for its wonderfully simple design, balance and modularity.