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Time proven and operationally tested, the centuries have passed and simply underlined Beretta as one of the premium names in the Defense and Law Enforcement sectors. Producing the widest range of small firearms in the world, from the most state-of-the-art facilities in the industry, the oldest firearms factory (officially documented since 1526), and one of the most successful, has been passed down through 15 generations of the Beretta family, and now exports more than 75 percent of the weapons produced to over 100 countries.

Beretta’s firearms have been adopted as the standard issue sidearm for many armed forces, elite units and law enforcement agencies worldwide. These include the 92FS semi-automatic pistol, which is the official handgun of the US Marine Corps. Believed by many to be the greatest pistol ever made, the 92FS has redefined the standard for operational reliability.

The next generation of semi-automatic techno-polymer handguns have been given their benchmark by Beretta`s recently released Px4 Storm series, and in the field of assault weapons the ARX100 automatic rifle platform and GLX160 grenade launcher are redefining the standard. The combination of high tech modern materials and ergonomics is present in Mx4 Storm sub-machine gun and the Cx4 Storm Carbine, which are equally formidable in hostile environments or with close protection units.