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Burris makes tools that enable you to take in every detail. Binoculars, spotting scopes and rifle scopes are engineered to perfection. The company shares the same passion as the customers who value its products.

A Burris scope is built using some of the world’s best glass, which is then ground and polished to exacting tolerances. Lenses are index-matched to HiLume® multi-coating so that each surface transmits 99.5% of the light. That optical excellence makes a huge difference in the critical half-light of dawn and dusk.

Lenses are housed in the toughest 6061T6 aluminum outer tubes made. Double spring tension secures the internal tube. All adjustment systems are positive, repeatable, steel-on-steel, with audible clicks. That translates to unfailing shot-to-shot accuracy, no matter how hard you hunt.

Every molecule of moisture is purged from the scope by injecting it 24 times with laboratory-grade dry nitrogen. Once the moisture is gone, Burris-exclusive quad seals make sure it stays gone forever.

Burris manufactures most of its products in the USA, in its own factory, and prides itself on detail. The majority of products are backed by a Forever Warranty™.

With Burris, you can head for the hunting grounds confident that your optics will deliver all the performance you paid for.