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EOTech Holographic Sight XPS3-0

The XPS3 is smaller and lighter than all other holographic weapon sights but just as fast.  Law enforcement officers and hunters appreciate the light weight and compact size for carrying convenience on the job and in the woods.
The XPS3 runs on a single 123 battery. The single-lithium-battery configuration allows more rail space, leaving more room for rear-iron sights, magnifiers, or a night vision mount.

Technical Specifications

Magnification 1x
Compatible with Night Vision
Dimensions (length / width / height) 97 x 54 x 64 mm
Weight 255 g
Water resistant up to 10 m
Battery: 01 Battery Lithium CR123
Mounting Rail Picatinny or Weaver Mount
It supports up to 600 hours of continuous use, with the same battery
It has 20 settings for use in daylight
Display with anti-reflective coating
automatic shutdown
Black color

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